CH Men Prive Review

When CH Men Price came out in 2015, all the fragrance enthusiasts hyped this up as one of the best insider colognes.

We think it is still one of the best cologne for men especially due to its masculine, unique character.

In this CH Men Prive review you will learn if it stands up to the hype.

CH Men Prive Best Price

CH Men Prive is a pretty affordable fragrance for men and you can get a great deal on it.

We recommend you to buy the 150 ml bottle of it to get the best value. Otherwise you can also opt for the 50 ml and 100 ml versions. You can check the best price here:

How Does CH Men Prive Smell Like?

CH Men Prive is a really masculine cologne. There was a reason why we labeled it as the most masculine cologne in our list.

The combination of leather and whisky makes this a great masculine fragrance that smells like a real man. CH Men Prive is the right scent for men who know what they want.

It is a really macho, bad boy type of scent. It oozes confidence, masculinty and sex appeal.

It is the scent that comes up when you imagine a strong, cool guy wearing a leather jacket, blacked out chlothes rounded up with the final touch of CH Men Prive.

The perfect cologne for any bad boy and optimal for any party, bar or date scenario.

What Are The Notes In CH Men Prive?

When you spray CH Men Prive you are immediately hit by the perfect blend of whisky and leather – a real scent sensation.

The tonka bean is also very presant just as the grapefruit in the top notes which reminds you of the classic, original CH Men.

Top Notes Grapefruit, Lavender, Sage, Red Thyme, Cardamom

Heart Notes Whisky

Base Notes Leather, Benzoin, Tonka Bean

How Long Does CH Men Prive Last?

CH Men Prive isn’t really known for being the greatest performer along men’s fragrances.

Still, it performs great on most skin types with an average longevity of 8 hours of which the first 2 to 3 hours are really projecting with great sillage.

Who Can Wear This Cologne?

As good as CH Men Prive is, there is one big drawback – it doesn’t fit any guy.

CH Men Prive is one of those scents that just needs to be worn by the right type of guy. It fits more mature guys that can rock and own this masculine scent with total self-confidence.

This cologne says, “I know who I am and what I want and I won’t apologize for it!

Men of the age of 25 that are looking for a great masculine cologne that is an extension of their character will love CH Men Prive.

When Is The Best Time To Wear CH Men Prive?

CH Men Prive is a very heavy scent due to its leather and whisky notes, which make it a great scent for fall and winter.

This scent is nothing for summer days because it tends to smell rather unpleasant in the summer heat. This scent DNA is not suited for summer but shines in the cold.

How Do Women Like CH Men Prive?

CH Men Prive is definitely a scent that women love. Its manly nature makes the right type of guy even more masculine and attractive and it surely is a great scent, to impress the ladies on first dates.

This scent is one that will be mostly appreciated by more mature women that have the nose for it. It’s not really layed out for the younger crowd but they still often times love it.

This Is What Others Are Saying About CH Men Prive:

This is a scent that is worth the hype. I rarely blind buy fragrances from the internet but I had no other choice with CH Men Prive … and I wasn’t disappointed. Wow, this is really something else. Very interesting and masculine. I genuinely love this and the people I asked, too. 

This is my favorite scent for the winter and the perfect choice for dates. This hasn’t disappointed me yet. Very masculine, sex and perfect just like I expected.

I have bought this fragrance for my husband because I was so blown away by it when I first smelled it. It lasts so unbelievably long. Buy this guys!

Do Too Many Men Wear CH Men Prive?

Even though you might hear about this cologne quite often when searching the web, you won’t find anybody wearing this cologne in real life.

It is only sold in limited stores and not really advertisted. Most guys don’t even know this exists.

You can capitalize on this opportunity and really stand out wearing this unique fragrance.

CH Men Prive Rating

CH Men Prive is the perfect fragrance for masculine men.

It can shine thanks to its uniqueness and sex appeal and it is the perfect choice for any men looking for a date scent or a cologne for fall and winter.

We give CH Men Prive a rating of 8/10. Only 8 out of 10 because not every man wear this, and it isn’t that versatile.




Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release 2015

Top Notes Grapefruit, Lavender, Sage, Red Thyme, Cardamom

Heart Notes Whisky

Base Notes Leather, Benzoin, Tonka Bean