Dior Sauvage Review

Every cologne guy has probably already heard about Dior Sauvage, the exceptional mens fragrance that has conquered the world of fragrances since its release in 2015.

Dior Sauvage is definitely one of the most popular and successful mens colognes you can buy and probably the safest blind buy of the last 5 years. We even crowned Dior Sauvage as the best overall fragrance in our list of best colognes for men.

Dior Sauvage Best Price

Sauvage falls within the typcal price range of designer fragrances.

The eau de toilette is available in 3 sizes: 60 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml. We recommend going for the biggest bottle because it is always the best value for the money. You can check the cheapest price for Dior Sauvage here:

If you are looking for a new mens cologne that works in every scenario, smells unique, sexy and works very well with the ladies, then look no further than Dior Sauvage.

These are exactly the qualities that made Dior Sauvage the success that it is today: The amazing versatility which makes this a great scent for all occasions, the great performance, the ladies reactions as well as the unique, manly smell that makes it stand out between other fragrances of this kind.

How Does Dior Sauvage Smell Like?

Dior Sauvage has a very wild character and smells very raw and masculine, while still being truly elegant.

Sauvage really is the epitome of masculine scents. It is a citrusy, fresh, masculine scent that is often compared to the big boss of all mens colognes Creed Aventus.

It smells different than other citrusy scents and has a really unique character that gets noticed every time.

Back when this was freshly released it was incredibly powerful because it was so new. Not many people knew this scent DNA and it still wasn’t worn by that many people.

What Are The Notes In Dior Sauvage?

Dior speaks about using the highest-quality, natural ingredients that were all carefully combined to craft Dior Sauvage. All we can say is Dior Sauvage smells extremely well and is received very positively by others.

Sauvage opens strongly with a fresh, minty scent combined with top notes bergamot of Reggio Calabria and pepper.

After a short time you’ll get to experience the heart of this scent which gets prominent through the middle notes lavender and patchouli.

The base of this fragrance is made by ambroxan, labdanum and cedar. These are the notes that give this scent its strong and sensual aroma.

Top Notes Pepper, Bergamot

Heart Notes Geranium, Lavender, Patchouli, Pink Pepper, Sichuan Pepper, Elemi, Vetiver

Base Notes Ambroxan, Cedar, Labdanum

How Long Does Dior Sauvage Last?

One of Dior Sauvage’s strongest qualities is its great longevity.

A few sprays of this will get you a great longevity and most skin types will easily get 7 to 9 hours out of this no problem.

It doesn’t stop there though. Another big bonus point is the great sillage. Sauvage really projects like a beast and definitely gets noticed.

When you first enter a room wearing this cologne you will quickly fill it with Sauvages presence and soon enough the compliments will appear.

Is Dior Sauvage The King Of Compliments?

Dior Sauvage is known for its strength in the compliment departement.

And this is true. Expect compliments. Loads of them. We found Dior Sauvage to perform outstandingly in the compliments departement in our tests. Everytime we tested this it got compliments.

There is this strange phenomenon with Dior Sauvage where guys don’t really feel all that much with this scent but girls go wild.

This Is What The Fragrance Community Says About Dior Sauvage:

Especially the women love this scent and its effect is undeniable. Here are some of peoples opinions on this cologne:

Dior Sauvage is sex in a bottle.

If I imagine the sexiest, most attractive guy, then he is definitely wearing Dior Sauvage.

Dior Sauvage is an amazing and versatile fragrance. Every time I wear this I get compliments.

Is Dior Sauvage Too Mainstream By Now?

There is one big problem when it comes to Dior Sauvage. It had theAs most popular, top selling fragrances, Dior Sauvage fell victim to the same cause:

Everybody knows it, everybody wears it.

Maybe even too many people. Like mentioned in the beginning of this review, Dior Sauvage was bomb when it was just released. It was a great new scent and not many people knew this scent DNA.

But these great qualities have also been its downfall. The big popularity of this scent made it so that every guy looking for a new cologne was probably picking Sauvage and now everybody has smelled this.

What’s our opinion on this? No worries. Here’s why. Even though we say most dudes are wearing this scent, the truth is, that still probably only 20% of all guys are wearing any cologne at all, and even if 80% of all these guys are wearing Dior Sauvage, that is still only a tiny amount.

So surely go for this fragrance without any worries. Just expect that some people might have already smelled this scent.

Who Is The Guy In The Dior Sauvage Commercial?

Big props go to the marketing team behind Dior Sauvages extremely successful marketing campaign. A huge factor that made this scent so popular is probably this spot starring Johnny Depp:

In this spot nobody other than Hollywood superstar actor Johnny Depp drives a cool, black muscle car into the desert where he finally finds his savior Dior Sauvage.

Johnny Depp is the face behind Dior’s new marketing campaigns and he supposedly made 3 to 5 million dollar on this ad.

Not a bad paycheck to play the cool guy in a cologne ad, right?

Who Made Dior Sauvage?

François Demachy is the brilliant perfumer behind Dior Sauvage.

He is the in-house perfumer of Dior and has created some extremely successful and popular men’s colognes like:


Dior Sauvage Rating

Dior Sauvage can score big points with its enormous versatility and unique, alluring aroma.

Combined with the amazing longevity and strong sillage, this cologne is easily one of the safest fragrances you can buy and one of the best colognes of all time.

We give Dior Sauvage a clear recommendation and a rating of 8.5/10.




Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Perfumer  François Demachy

Release 2015

Top Notes Pepper, Bergamot

Heart Notes Geranium, Lavender, Patchouli, Pink Pepper, Sichuan Pepper, Elemi, Vetiver

Base Notes Ambroxan, Cedar, Labdanum