Britney Spears Fantasy Review

Celebrity perfumes have a pretty bad reputation in the fragrance community.

Most celebrity scents are immediately disregarded as plain bad and not unique enough 

Not so Britney Spears Fantasy. The community and we agree: This is one of the best celebrity perfumes and even of the best perfumes for women overall.

In this Britney Spears Fantasy review you will learn what kind of power this little scent has.

Britney Spears Fantasy Best Price

This scent is a great deal. For the super affordable price of about $20 you get a whole bottle of this gorgeous scent and it lasts forever. You really can’t go cheaper than this. You can check out the best price here:

How Does Britney Spears Fantasy Smell Like?

Britney Spears Fantasy is:
  • sweet
  • sexy
  • floral
  • seductive
  • and simply great

What are the notes in Fantasy by Britney Spears?

This scent opens loud and fruity with kiwi. It immediately mixes with white chocolate and becomes very sweet and zappy. It slowly develops to become and becomes more and more floral as the jasmine and orchid join the party. With time, the scent becomes less sweet and more creamy thanks to the cupcake note. Top Notes Kiwi, Lychee, Quince Heart Notes Jasmine, Sharry baby orchid, Cupcake Base Notes Woods, Orris root, Musk

How Long Does Britney Spears Fantasy Last?

This perfume lasts surprisingly long. Most women talk about 8 to 12 hours of longevity. We could confirm this in our tests and had a good 8 to 10 hours of longevity with decent sillage.

Does It Get A Lot Of Compliments?

Fantasy was well received in our tests. 23 of 28 persons rated this scent as really good. It also got great compliments. You don’t expect that much out of such a cheap scent but once again you see, price isn’t always the deciding factor.

This Is What Other Girls Are Saying About This Scent:

A very sweet perfume. Fresh and perfect for every day. The best is obviously the price tag. For such little money you get so much fragrance. Incredible.” “I have worn this scent for years now and I always come back to it because it is just that good. For me one of the best scents in this price category.” “This scent got something very nostalgic. It makes me feel 15 years younger. I will buy this again and again.

Who Made Britney Spears Fantasy?

This scent was made in 2005 by perfumer James Krivda. Krivda has workes on multiple Britney Spears perfumes and also created other celebrity scents like Paris Hilton.

Fantasy Perfume Rating

Britney Spears Fantasy is unbeatable in this price category. Our tests with this scent have been shockingly well received and we give this a big recommendation. At this price point, you need this scent in your collection and it is a great women’s perfume for day to day use. We rate it 8/10.



Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Perfumers  James Krivda

Release 2005

Top Notes Kiwi, Lychee, Quince

Heart Notes Jasmine, Sharry baby orchid, Cupcake

Base Notes Woods, Orris root, Musk