Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Review

The name says it all. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is an explosion of floral fragrance notes.

Since its release in the year 2004, Flowerbomb became one of the most popular fragrances and with good reason! In our list of best perfumes for women it is even at the very top.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Best Price

Viktor & Rolf is a bit pricey but you can get a good deal depending on the bottle size you choose.

Flowerbomb is available in the sizes 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml. Go for the biggest bottle if you want to save the most money and get the most out of this gorgeous scent. You can find the cheapest price here:

How Does Flowerbomb Smell Like?

Flowerbomb is the floral perfume of floral perfumes.

But florals are not the only things awaiting you with Flowerbomb.

The scent is also very sweet and intense. Not the intrusive type of sweet and intense but the pleasant kind.

This is simply one of the best floral perfumes for women.

What Are The Notes In Flowerbomb?

Flowerbomb opens with a mix of bergamot and green tea but they are very light and you won’t smell them that intensely.

You will rather directly smell the explosion of floral heart notes like jasmine, orchid and freesia. We also smell some orange blossom.

Flowerbomb ends with a mix of rose, musk and warm patchouli. This shouldn’t turn off any patchouli haters though because Viktor & Rolf specifically stress that they used a very warm patchouli and indeed we find that this patchouli lacks the earthy characteristic that some women dislike.

Top Notes Bergamot, Green Tea

Heart Notes Jasmine, Orchid, Freesia

Base Notes Centiflora Rose, Patchouli

How Long Does Flowerbomb Last?

Flowerbomb is generally known to be a scent with great longevity and performance.

In our tests we mostly got a longevity of 8 to 9 hours with great sillage and presence during the whole time period of wearing it.

What About Flowerbomb And Compliments?

The great performance also gets Flowerbomb noticed. And people love it.

Its pleasant and unique scent gathers a great amount of compliments and it does it everywhere. Whether it is in the bus, the subway, the office or at the club.

Flowerbomb is the right scent for you if you are looking for compliments.

This Is What Other Girls Are Saying About Flowerbomb:

My absolute favorite perfume!!! Light, pleasant, floral, all that while being super sexy. This one always works. Whether night or day, I simply love it.

My signature scent! It lasts forever on my skin and I can always feel it lingering in the air. Plus, I always unbelievably many compliments when I wear it.

For me the best floral perfume ever. Simply amazing and unique. I can pick this one out between 100 other florals and I would always choose it. Huge recommendation!

Who Made Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb?

Flowerbomb was made by three fantastic perfumers. They wanted to create an explosive scent that expands your fantasy and instantly ups your mood.

Olivier Polge is known for his creations in the fragrance community. Just like his father Jacques – master perfumer at Chanel – Olivier is a master of his craft and has created huge successes like Dior Homme, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb and La vie est Belle.

Carlos Benaïm is another perfumer superstar. As the president of IFF New York, he is an expert on all things fragrance and knows what makes a great scent.

Domitille Michalon-Bertier is the only women in this group and another amazingly talented perfumer.

Flowerbomb – The Hand Grenade Bottle

One of the biggest trademarks of Flowerbomb is the bottle with the form of a hand grenade.

Just like the male version Spicebomb, this bottle is a real eye-catcher and fits perfectly in the hand.

Unique, creative and perfect for the name – just like we love it here at Scenthacks.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rating

Flowerbomb will forever be a great women’s perfume.

We recommend this scent for every women looking for fresh floral scent that instantly cheers up your mood, lasts long and works in every scenario.

Flowerbomb gets a clear recommendation from us and a rating of 8.5/10.




Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Perfumers  Olivier Polge, Carlos Benaïm, Domitille Michalon-Bertier

Release 2004

Top Notes Bergamot, Green Tea

Heart Notes Jasmine, Orchid, Freesia

Base Notes Centiflora Rose, Patchouli